About Me

In 2005, my journey into the realm of mental health began against the backdrop of a close friend’s financial crisis and parental divorce. It was his unwavering belief in my potential as a psychologist that ignited my interest in this profound field. I embarked on my academic journey with zeal, achieving merit status in my BA at Delhi University and seamlessly transitioning into the MA in Applied Psychology, where I excelled.

Five years into my professional career, I’ve had the privilege of working extensively with couples, families, and providing crucial crisis intervention for adolescents. My commitment to ongoing academic growth is evident in my transformative experience at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where I immersed myself in the intricacies of health and society through their esteemed MA Health program.

I also obtained an RCI license after finishing my PG diploma in child guidance and counseling. At the core of my practice is a client-centric approach, acknowledging the fluidity of human experiences that transcends rigid schools of thought. My unique blend of practical experience and academic exposure positions me to guide clients toward enhanced mental well-being. Step into a space where expertise and compassion converge to foster your journey to optimal mental health.